How to delete a user account

Tickist is a to-do list application. We have to provide User Data Deletion URL or Data Deletion Instructions URL. If you want to delete your Tickist account, please use the following instruction: 1. Login to the Tickist and click on  your avatar 2. Choose settings from the dropdown menu 3 Click on „Delete my Tickist […]

Task also has type

The next action is the most powerful part of the GTD methodology. It is a specific/concrete thing that you can do to move the project forward. For example, your project is the replacement of tires in the car and you have the following tasks: The first task is your “next action”. In the past, the […]

All ways of logging in

When you want to create a Tickist account you can choose one of three options: standard registration (insert your email and create password)  log in using Facebook account log in using Google account Each option is trouble-free to use. In the backend, we use Firebase authentication service and thanks to that our login mechanism is […]

Projects have types!

In the past, projects had only one type in our application – standard project. This approach created a big mess in our projects list and it was incompatible with the Getting Things Done methodology. When you wanted to create a project for the future with some plans or routine reminders, the only option you could […]