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About Tickist

How to manage the time more efficiently, quickly overcome laziness and effectively accomplish our daily goals? These questions have accompanied us ever since. We have been testing different time management tools for several years and still haven’t discovered the right one. So what to do if you can’t find any to-do list that meets all your expectations? You have to design and create a new one that will offer you everything you need 🙂

Tickist is not only a place, where you may gather your daily tasks. It was also designed as a tool for the continuous improvement of effectiveness and efficiency of time management. The functionalities offered by Tickist ― such as nested lists, tags, flexible due dates (on that date and by a date) and estimated time ― should help us all to manage our time more effectively. A to-do list doesn’t have to cause negative associations. We want to enjoy the ticking and our well-deserved free time!

Join us

Tickist is a place where all problems and challenges of everyday life are being converted into finished tasks. Join us! Feel the wonderful feeling when everything is under control.



Bartek is the brains of Tickist and the only programmer so far. Since ever interested in personal development and effective time management strategies. He takes advantage of his several years‘ experience in programming in Python and Javascript to create a practical and efficient to-do list that will meet all his expectations and help him to get more done.


To-do lists have always accompanied Justyna. Few years ago she exchanged paper calendars and sheets hanging on the wall for web applications and since then she has enjoyed putting ticks next to completed activities. In Tickist team she is involved in everything except for programming: design and usability, conception of new functionalities, copywriting and testing.

Ashley Ormon



You can add tags to each task to improve your task management
Our favorite tag is: #5minutestasks


You can share projects and tasks with others
Create your bucket list and share it with family and friends


daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or set up a custom repeat
You can create a task „Celebrate my birthday” and repeat it yearly 🙂


Notifications will keep you updated on your tasks and shared projects
Share a project „house chores” with your partner. You will get notifications when either of you creates, shares or completes a task.


Some tasks require more actions = steps to be completed
Get to know Tickist in 3 steps:
1. Create an account
2. Add a few projects and tasks
3. Check out the features: repeating, sharing, tagging, etc.


You can pin each task to your weekday dashboard
You’ve found an important task during the review of tasks? Pin it for today so you can see it on your list and complete it asap.

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