Projects have types!

In the past, projects had only one type in our application – standard project. This approach created a big mess in our projects list and it was incompatible with the Getting Things Done methodology.


When you wanted to create a project for the future with some plans or routine reminders, the only option you could choose was the standard project. This situation was really frustrating because you had one standard list with various plans, recurring tasks, and projects. Until today!


We have added 4 new project types to Tickist. We have also created 4 separate project lists to manage these types of projects:

  • Inbox: It’s one default project that cannot be removed. You can place here the new tasks to further processing. This project should have a small number of tasks so it’s a good practice to clean it regularly. David Allen cleans his inbox every 48h. E.g.: if you think about the new haircut, you can add this idea into the inbox project and during the next review process create a new active project with the following tasks: 
    • find a barber in the neighborhood
    • call him/her 
    • create a meeting in the calendar 
    • go to the barber on DATE
    • have a nice haircut and be happy 😉 
  • Active projects: The list includes the ongoing tasks. The things that we can complete in the current situation, we have time for them and we can proceed with the first step (the next action). The real power of the GTD methodology. After finishing an active project, you usually have more energy and motivation for other activities (other projects).
  • Someday/maybe projects: It includes your dreams or future plans. During the review process, you can consider if the time for that project has come.
  • Routine reminder: You need to pay taxes, bills, mortgage regularly. You have to remember about the birthday of your boyfriend/husband or girlfriend/wife. You need to send Christmas cards every year. This is the place for that type of projects.


What do you think about the new features?