Task also has type

The next action is the most powerful part of the GTD methodology. It is a specific/concrete thing that you can do to move the project forward. For example, your project is the replacement of tires in the car and you have the following tasks:

The first task is your “next action”. In the past, the next action label could be only in your head (Tickist didn’t support this). You couldn’t change the task type. All tasks were the same. Until today. It has just changed. 

Now you can choose which task is “the next action”. It solves a lot of problems. 

After logging into the Tickist application, you can find a list with all tasks that are “next actions”. 

Your productivity will increase a lot when you see all things that you need to do to move forward. 

On the same page, you also find all active projects without any next action task. It is very useful because this view gives you information where you need to specify what you need to do first to move the project forward.